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Hand Made Volume

Russian Volume is the use of multiple ultra fine extensions, that are hand made at the time of application by the lash stylist. We skilfully create fans (3-8D) of eyelash extensions that are then placed onto the natural lash, to create extra fluff, coverage and fullness than cannot be created with classic extensions. Although we use multiple extensions, the fan is still placed onto one individually isolated natural lash in a method that wraps around the natural lash, and results in great retention with zero damage.
Russian Volume is the most versatile lash treatment that we offer, and will suit most clients. Russian Volume is perfect for the older client with sparse natural lashes, where extra coverage and a soft fluffy look is required (light volume set 2-4D). Russian Volume is also suitable for the client who desires a more glamorous and thicker looking set than can't be achieved with classic or mixed classic sets (volume set 5-8D). The level of fullness can vary with Russian Volume, which allows us to create a custom set to meet client’s requirements.
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